Nintendo 3DS Dropping To $170 In North America

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Yes, you read it right.

Nintendo has decided to drop the price of the 3DS (which came out on March 27 in the US) from $250 to $170 starting August 12. Now you may ask yourself, what if I already have the 3DS? What do I get? Well Nintendo did not forget about you. They are going to give 20 free downloadable titles to anyone who signs on their E-Shop by Aug 11. It will include 10 NES downloads such as: Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong Junior. The NES games can be downloaded on September 1st before other have access to buy it. By the end of the year, the early buyers will also be able to download 10 GBA titles like:Metroid Fusion, Mario Kart Super Circuit, and Super Mario Advance 3. These GBA game will only be available to the early buyers and Nintendo quotes that they “currently [have] no plans to make these 10 games available to the general public on the Nintendo 3DS in the future.”

Well there you have it folks. Is Nintendo planning something by dropping the price so suddenly (perhaps make the 3DS work as a controller for the Wii U?) or is this just friendly competition because Sony’s PlayStation Vita is coming out soon?

There was one more thing that caught my attention as I read the press release. It claims that “Super Mario™ 3D Land in November, Mario Kart™ 7 in December and Kid Icarus™: Uprising during the holiday season. ” These 3 titles were announced during E3 as this holiday season, but now we have a better idea when to expect at least two of them.

Stay tuned for more information.

Source: Nintendo.com
Link: http://www.nintendo.com/corp/nintendo3ds/news/


Nintendo 3DS America

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Nintendo of America has finally given us a release date for the 3DS, March 27th for $250. The 3DS will be released in two colors, Aqua Blue and Cosmos Black. It will have 30 titles between the launch date and e3 2011, including: racing, fighting, rpgs and more!

Tired of inputting friends codes for every game? Well fret no more, every 3DS comes with a master friends code and communicating with another 3DS will transfer friends codes for you.

Thanks Nintendo for finally informing us of the future.

More details coming soon, so check back with us.

Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference

First things first, I’d like to apologize about not posting new content in such long time so to you couple readers that check out our site in hopes of new content, I apologize on behalf of team Polyphoria. Now that I got that out of the way…

Today is a huge day for Square-Enix and their fans world wide! They made several announcements regarding future Square-Enix games in the “Final Fantasy Fabula Nova Crystallis Conference” that took place today. The first event was Kingdom Hearts 3DS with the new title “Kingdom Hearts 3Ds (as in a plural of Ds oh you clever people at Square Enix.) The Ds stand for Dream Drop Distance.

They talked a bit about the gameplay and how you will be able to switch between Sora and Riku through the game for a strategic flow of the game. They also mentioned that they worked a lot in the action aspect of the game, mainly the speed. By the sounds of it we’ll be having quite a fast paced KH game in our hands in the near future!

On to the next title, Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. They revealed Yuna, Gilgamesh and Prishe (FFXI) being the next new characters. This game will, for the first time ever on the PSP handheld console, be on two UMD discs. It will be coming out sometime this summer in Japan. They also revealed bonus content such as Aerith as an assist character and others if you use a code you can get from getting the FFIV The After Years on the PSP.

Next up is Final Fantasy XIII Agito… or so it was called! It got a new name and is now called Final Fantasy Type 0 or Final Fantasy Rei Shiki in Japanese. Director Hajime Tabata thought Final Fantasy XIII Agito sounded a bit weird because Agito does not have much to do with FFXIII or any of the other XIII series so they changed it to Rei Shiki. The reason behind the zero is to indicate a fresh new start and a possible spinoff franchise within the Final Fantasy titles. More trailers and news are to come for this one.

The next big announcement is Final Fantasy XIII-2. You heard it, this will be the second main line Final Fantasy game that gets a part two. They showed Lightning in a new outfit fighting a mysterious new character with purple hair.

Lightning in her new outfit

Surprisingly they said the release date for this game will be sometime in 2011 in Japan.
Here is an image of the logo for this new title :

Last but not least, Final Fantasy XIII Versus! I’ll get straight to the point since we all want to know whenever we see anything new about this title… No, they did not announce a release date. They did however reveal a new trailer with a lot of gameplay and battle that will be available to you all soon if not already by the time you’re reading this. They announced an HD trailer for this to come out on the 20th of this month.

Stay tuned for more news on these titles!

Dissidia 2

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As some of you may know Final Fantasy Dissidia 2 was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2010. The gameplay looks very close to the original with some updates. Here is a look at the controller schemes:

You can now have an Assist to come out and it takes away from your gauge.

Here shows how Lightning can change between Medic, Blaster and Attacker. Medic has healing elements, Blaster is Magic based, and Attacker is good old ass kicking. These are just a few of her paradigms from FF13, we will see if anymore follow. On top of all of this, there will be new costumes added:

Here’s Lightning dressed as Aya from Parasite Eve.

This one shows Cloud wearing his Kingdom Hearts Costume.

The game, officially titled Dissidia 012 Duodecim, has a TBD release date. All of the new content they’re adding to Dissidia seems very promising. Here is the newest trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2010 with a little surprise at the end of a new cast member:

Kingdom Hearts III + KHBbS Final Mix

Here are two new scans from EGM magazine:

This is news we’ve been waiting to hear for many years! We don’t get a release date, or even a promise it will be made soon. What we get is confirmation that KHIII is going to happen and is being planned. Let’s hope that more information about KHIII will not be so far away.

In other Kingdom Hearts news, Japan is getting a Final Mix version of Birth by Sleep in January. There is going to be more features than the American release including: A new D-Link with Pete, A new secret boss and a new secret ending. Here is a new trailer from the Tokyo Game Show:

Stay Tuned in to Polyphoria for more news updates!

Source: KHinsider.com, KH13.com, EGM

What?! No Shower Scene in The 3rd Birthday?

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As we’ve mentioned in the Interview with Yoshinori Kitase , he was not sure whether or not there would be another shower scene as we’ve seen in Parasite Eve II. They did show a shower on the mapping of the new areas of The Third Birthday and that brought back many steamy memories to the fans of the previous games. Thus many wondered whether there would be yet another shower scene in the new upcoming game.

… Sadly, there will not be one. Fans hoped The 3rd Birthday would have a similar movie using the latest technology. “I’m afraid to say it won’t have one,” Tabata said, responding to questions about a shower scene for The 3rd Birthday, on Twitter. Why not? The story doesn’t have a situation to put the shower scene in.

Speaking of memories, put on your steamy nostalgia goggles for this one!

Ok, back to the point, so they recently showed the “Costume Damage System” in the new Parasite Eve game for the PSP (aka The 3rd Birthday).

Aya Before :

The more damage Aya takes, the more her costume gets torn to pieces. Now you know what that means…

Aya After :

Although there will be no shower scenes… Square-enix still shows some promising fine assets…



New Weekly Pokemon Sunday News! 9/12

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In this week’s Pokemon Sunday, they revealed a couple new Pokemon and also Victini’s ability!

We’ll start with the first new Pokemon, “Desukan”

Name : Desukan
Coffin Pokemon
Type : Ghost
Ability : “Mummy” Makes the opponent’s attacking Pokemon’s ability into “Mummy” state.
Height : 1.7m
Weight : 76.5kg


Name : Denchu
Electric Spider Pokemon
Type : Bug/Electric
Ability : Fukugan or Kinchoukan. Makes the opponent feel nervous and disables them from using Berries.
Height : 0.8m
Weight : 14.3kg

“Ononokusu” or “Ononox” (Ono = Ax in Japanese)

Name : Ononox
Ax Jaw Pokemon
Type : Dragon
Ability Tousoushin or Katayaburi. Makes the opponent’s Pokemon switch or retreat to another when it attacks.
Height : 1.8m
Weight : 105.5kg

Here’s Victini’s ability:

“Victory Star” or “Star of Victory”. It increases the accuracy of Victini and any partnering Pokemon that’s fighting along with him/her.

Hope you guys found this info useful. Until next time!

Pokemon Black and White trailer (Global Link)

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Here’s another recent trailer for Pokemon Black and White we’ve translated. This video focuses more on the Internet connectivity (aka Pokemon Global Link) Brought to you by Team Polyphoria. Enjoy!

Latest Pokemon Black and White trailer translated by us!

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Here’s the latest Pokemon Black and White trailer translated and subtitled by yours truly, Team Polyphoria. Enjoy!

Property of Nintendo

Satoes : Translation
Sajiro : Timing

Mega Man Online

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I’m sure by now everyone has played a Mega Man game in their life. This online MMO title will be a 2D side scroller with 3D graphics. At the moment, there are mostly rumors about this installment. One of the most intriguing ones is that the original series will cross over with the X series.

Teaser Trailer:

At the moment there is no gameplay footage, but this latest video looks awesome anyways. There is no release date yet to be seen, but we will be waiting anxiously for more information to come. We can only hope that there will be a North American release.

Source: The Mega Man Network

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